WE ARE HOME!!!!

Since 2013 things have been pretty stressful, but getting better as time goes forward.  June 2013 I lost my home and everything in the Black Forest Fires in Colorado.  I was able to get my dogs and what I was wearing and that was it.  We quickly evacuated and within a few days was notified that the fire had taken my house and most of my trees.   I have rebuilt on the land and are HOME AGAIN!!!  I am still putting things together, but it is so great to have a home again.  Everyone is happy to be home.  Thank you for all the well wishes and checking on us throughout this time.  I have much appreciated all the help from everyone.

LionRidge Rhodesian Ridgebacks began in 1990 with our first  puppy ridgeback "Aly," (International Ch. Lionridge's Aly Simba, FCH, LCM). Aly was the most perfect ridgeback ever!  About six months later, I added a companion for Aly, "Thor," (Ch. Nalzjehe's King Thor). Thor was the most ornery ridgeback ever!  Both Aly and Thor lived past their 15 year birthdays and are still missed very much.  The compound grew very quickly to three by adding a rescue ridgeback "George".   "George" was my first rescue and my first foster.  George never left LionRidge Since that time, LionRidge usually has a herd of 6 to 10 give or take a rescue here or there, but not all ridgebacks.  Gator Bait, who thinks he is a ridgeback, runs the pack. Gator, a patterdale,  was a Katrina rescue in need of great rehabilitation and he never left LionRidge either. I have not kept every rescue I have fostered, I just try not to foster.  I actually have fostered and adopted out several.  After 20+ years in rescue, I am offically retired, but every now and then......one comes along that I take in and adopt out to a deserving family Please check our rescue page.

LionRidge is located on 20 acres in the trees of the Black Forest of Colorado Springs, Colorado.  The dogs have a great property to run and play with lots of wildlife and comforts.  The hounds enjoy lots of activities.  We participate in lure coursing, conformation, agility, tracking, obedience, therapy, herding AND we just play a lot.  We keep pretty busy in the dog world, but in the end they're really just pampered house dogs.  As a semi-retired real estate agent by trade, we have a pet supply and printing business (BackYard Buddies and Keep It Wild).   I stay very involved in the ridgeback community.  I am recently retired from the National Board of Directors for the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the U.S. and with the Ridgeback Trust, Inc (a national rescue group).  Locally, I belong to the Colorado Rhodesian Ridgeback Club, Colorado Lure Coursing Association, Rocky Mountain Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue, the Colorado Springs Kennel Club. .

breeds occasionally with the intention of producing the finest dogs possible.  We are very diligent in doing health testing of any dog bred and with the puppies we produce.  We test and abide by the guidelines of breeding for Degenerative Myopathy.  We would never breed to produce At-Risk puppies.  We do health testings for thyroid, cardiac, Cerf (eyes), hips, elbows, JME (juvenile epilepsy) and EOAD (hearing)  availableLionRidge strives not only for excellent examples of the breed's written standard, but also dogs of fabulous temperment, exceptional athleticism, health, soundness and longevity. Our puppy families become a part of the LionRidge family and we developed friendships that last a lifetime

 We welcome visitors to meet "LionRidge Rhodesian Ridgebacks."