Ch. LionRidge's M'Lady by Koda, SC, CGC, HIC

Maddie was born 1/30/2005 to CH JUBALEES LONESTAR OVER KEI RIVER, JC, ROM "Riley" and DC KODA'S AY CARAMBA, SC RN, ROM  "Nika".  Maddie's parents are quite famous.  Nika was co-bred by LionRidge.  Riley and Nika have both been in the Top 20 of Ridgebacks and Nika has garned many awards which includes a Best of Opposite Sex at Westminster and an Award of Merit in separate years.  She also ranked #1 in many arenas.  Maddie is the sweetest ridgeback.  She gets along great with everyone.  She finished her championship quickly and even placed at her first National Specialty.  She had a beautiful litter.  Some of her puppies will be show in the ring and her sons Max and Riggs on the coursing field.  Riggs is a great courser and Max is going to probably be even better. Annie and Riggs already have their conformation Championship completed.  Riggs also has his coursing field championship and has almost completed his LCM. Maddie was a great mom and is a wonderful sweet ridgeback.