The LionRidge Gang

Here at we have a gang of Ridgebacks.  Currently 8 reside with me.  In the past few years we have lost severa old guys, but they always will be a part of us and Lionridge.  2 Honorary Ridgebacks, Gator Bait (24 yrs.) and Gus (15+ years), Axl (14+ years) , Tizzy (13 years); and Riggs (14+ years) have passed. Still 8 are with me. Thank goodness for my work schedule and twenty fenced acres!!  Our ages range from almost 9 years to 1 1/2 years..   Kynzie and Deeks will be 9 years Christmas;  Lainey 8 years  years old in August; Ella is 8 years in December;  Raina 6 years; Nico 4 years; Mazie 2 and Jessie 1+ years.  Whew!  They are a busy group, but very loving and each are involved in many activities.  Check out each of the gang on their own pages.  Jazymn lives with her friend Heather and Tom and is 13+ years old. They love visitors!

Meet the loves of my life .....the pampered house dogs of LionRidge.