LionRidge's Noah Bound For Glory

LionRidge's Bound for Glory Aka "Noah" is co-owned by Patty Olney and Carol Wolf and Nova Bower.  Noah's parents are Glenaholm's Sucha Bold Move aka "Charlie" and GCH LionRidge's Alexa by Spurridge, Fch, SC, HIC.  Noah lives with Carol and Nova and has a great time getting into everything!  He is Noah Olney when in trouble and Noah Bower-Wolf when he is a good boy.  Noah is very handsome at his baby age of 10 months.  He recently won Winners Dog at a show and got his first point toward his championship.  Many more will come.  Noah placed 3rd in the RRCUS National Specialty expertly handled by Carol and supported strongly by Nova and Patty!  Beautiful boy!