Josie and Cooper are having Puppies!

Puppies due May 24.  If interested contact me at 

Nico Qualifies for Top 25 at 2024 National Specialty

#19  Meet Nico

Nico, Kynzie, Mazie and Deeks did amazing at the Ridgeback National Specialty in South Dakota

Nico Award of Merit

Nico Best Ridge Finalist

Kynzie Best Ridge Finalist

Kynzie 2nd Place Veterans 7-9 years

Deeks 4th Place Veterans 7-9 years

Mazie 2nd place 12-15 months

Nico, Kynzie, Mazie and Deeks liked the Hound Classic and Greeley Shows

Nico Best of Breed Rocky Mountain Hound Classic

Kynzie Best Veteran in Sweeps

Kynzie Best Veteran in Rocky Mountain Hound Specialty


Deeks Best of Opposite Sex Veteran 


Kynzie Group 2 in Hound Specialty


Deeks Best Veteran in Regional Specialty Sweeps

Mazie Best Puppy in Hound Specialty

Deeks is A Grand Champion

Deeks earned his Grand Championship at still a very young age.  When he grows up, you will see him back in the ring!

Some Exciting News for the Old Guy Axl

Axl still has it!  Axl took First Place in his class 11 and older in Sweepstakes and the regular classes at the Rhodesian Ridgeback National Specialty.  He continued his winning streak and won Best Veteran in Show at the Colorado Independent Specialty.  At edging 12 years old the old man still can kick booty!  Axl is now retired, but he did it in style.  Could not have asked for a better ending.

Sadness Comes to Lionridge

It is with great saddness I have lost 3 of  my veteran girls.  At the end of April to mid September I had to say goodbye to "Annie"  GCH Lionridge's Annie's Legacy, CGC, HIC,  "Lexi" MBPIS MBVIS BVISS GCH Lionridge's Alexa by Spurridge, LCM ,FCH, ROM, CGC, HIC and "Ziva" Gypsy Queen of Lionridge, LCM, FCH, CGC, HIC.  Our house will never be the same without these spectacular girls.  They were and always will be a huge part of Lionridge and never forgotten,  but kept deep in my heart.

Kynzie and Ilan Top Dogs

Kynzie and Ilan had a great 2017 year in conformation competiton.  "Ilan" GCHG Lionridge's Pride of the Peak and "Kynzie" GCHB Lionridge's M'Lady Kynzie are both in the Top 25 Ridgebacks with Ilan #18 and Kynzie #21.  Kynzie also ended up #7 in Top Bitches for 2017.  Both will be showcased in Loveland at the Rhodesian Ridgeback National Specialty in Oct. Ilan added several titles this year and has become the all around Ridgeback.  Kynzie has added more sleep time on the couch!

Kynzie A Winner

Kynzie and Heather went to the dog shows in Utah and did awesome.  Kynzie took Best of Breed for 2 days, Best of Opposite for 2 days and a Group 3 in the Hound Group.  She has matured great and is a beautiful girl.  Bronze Grand Champion pending AKC approval.

New Addition to Lionridge

Let me introduce Gus.  Gus is 13 1/2 years old and joined the Lionridge Clan.  He is a total sweetheart and is fitting in very nicely.  Gator and Gus are getting to know each other and doing great.  I guess it's  a rescue dog thing. 

Honorary Ridgeback at Lionridge

 Hans decided he wanted to be raised with ridgebacks.  He was welcomed by all.

Axl Still #1

Axl is still lifetime #1 Grand Champion for Colorado through 2017.  Ilan is #3.  Ilan and Axl are two of the only three Gold Grand Champions in Colorado.  It's awesome to see Axl still holding the record and will be 11  in April.  He has not shown except as a veteran since he turned 7.

Top 25 Ridgebacks

Kynzie and Ilan made it!  For 2017 Ilan is #18 and Kynzie is #21.  Really a good year for us.  Kynzie was not even two years old when she accomplished this.  Kynzie and Ilan will be showcased at the Rhodesian Ridgeback National Specialty in Loveland, CO in October 2018.   Come see us at the specialty.


Kynzie and Ilan had a great 2017 show career.  Both Kynzie and Ilan currently as of December 3rd are in the Top 20 Conformation Ridgebacks.  Ilan earned and Endurance Trial title and also a Trick Novice title as well as his Gold Grand Championship.  Kynzie completed her Championship and Grand Championship title and is very close to earning her Bronze Grand Champion with limited showing.  Brother Deeks with his handicap of mom showing him is almost finished with his Grand Championship.  


We finally made it back from the long long drive to Oregon.  I took the old guys and left the young ones home.  Alexa got 2nd Place in her Veterans Class 9-11 years old and Ilan made the final cut in Best of Breed.  THAT was really great to see the handsome boy make the finals with all the nice ridgebacks showing.


GCH Lionridge's M'Lady Kynzie was honored to win BEST OF BREED at the Colorado Regional Specialty.  GGCH Spurridge's Axl of Lionridge won BEST VETERAN.  Early in the week GCH Lionridge's Alexa aka Lexi won BEST VETERAN at the Hound Classic.  A great week of shows!
CH Lionridge's M'Lady Kynzie aka Kynzie earned back to back Best of Breeds and a Group 2 and brother CH Lionridge's Dibs On Your Heart aka Deeks earned Best of Opposite Sex and Select Male.  This garners some good points for these babies towards their Grand Championship.
CH Lionridge's Dibs On Your Heart, CGC aka "Deeks". Deeks, brother to Kynzie, completed his championship and is on his way to Grand Champion along with sister Kynzie. 
CH Lionridge's M'Lady Kynzie, CGC aka "Kynzie."  Kynzie finished her Championship in style.  At the Garden City show, Kynzie went Best of Breed from the 12-18 class to complete her champion requirements and began earning Grand Championship Points.
Introducing Lionridge's Ella Sings the Blues by Erimis aka "Ella."  Ella is a daughter of Axl and Eula Bea.  She is quite the bombshell.  If I survive you may see her in the ring.

The puppies were entered in the weekend Greeley dog shows and we sure were happy we did.  Deeks won Best of Winners each day and Kynzie won Winners Bitch on Sunday.  More points towards there championships and very nice comments from the judges.  Here we come Pueblo.

The Rapid City, SD shows treated us well.  Deeks got a Best of Breed from the puppy class and made the cut in Hound Group.  Yeah!!  A major.  He got Reserve Winners dog the other days.  Kynzie earned the award of Best of Opposite Sex and earned some points and was Winners Bitch each day.  Both Puppies are doing great to even have points this young with no experience.  Nice wonderful comments from the judges.  Deeks and Kynzie loved the time with just mom and no other puppies too.


The National Specialty was held in Huron, Ohio this year.  Long, long, very long drive, but we made it there and back without an issue.  I took 4 dogs - Lexi, Axl, Deeks and Kynzie.  All 4 received at least one award.  Lexi won 4th place in Veteran Sweeps 9-11 years; Axl won 2nd in Veteran Sweeps 9-11 years and 4th in Regular Veteran classes; Kynzie won 2nd in Puppy Sweeps 9-12 months and Best Ridge finalist.  Here is the big winner of the day - Deeks.  Deeks won 1st Place in Puppy 9-12 months and Reserve Winners Dog.  He earned a major and defeated many many nice dogs competing.  Axl's daughter, Sojie was the #1 dog in Lure Coursing for 2015.  Very proud of the Lionridge kids.

Lexi for the second year in a row won Best Veteran in Show for the Hound Classic in Greeley, CO.  Very proud of this girl and her only handler Kathleen Russell.  Thanks Kathleen.

With great sadness Remington on March 25 left us to be with others who have passed from Lionridge.  It is a terrible loss to me but we had 14 1/2 wonderful years.  No one will be able to replace my Remington. 
BIF Lionridge's Remington, ROM, HIC, CGC, MC, LCM

"Sheba" MBIF Sheba FC Diamond's Queen Of Lionridge SC, CGC  (Axl's daughter) won the National Specialty Lure Coursing ONCE AGAIN for the second year in a row!  Sheba is the only Rhodesian Ridgeback who has won the Specialty twice.  

Annie in two weekend shows got 3 group placements - group 1, group 2 and a group 3!!   Pretty good for a baby girl.  Daddy Axl is very proud. 

It is so exciting, it's official.  I just have to tell everyone.  We did good, no... exceptional in most venues of Ridgeback competition in 2013.  As Owner/Co-Owner/Breeder for all of these dogs, I can't be more proud. 

Conformation Top 10:   #8 for Breed and #9 All Breed  my boy  "Axl" Gold GCH Spurridge's Axl of LionRidge, CGC (My Remington his his daddy)

Lure Coursing combined Top 10  #7 Sojie FC Diamonds Sojourner Veritas  Lionridge FCh SC (Axl's daughter)

#12  was "Sheba" MBIF Sheba FC Diamond's Queen Of Sheba Lionridge SC, CGC  (Axl's daughter)  Sheba won the National Specialty Lure Coursing with Best in Fields

Obedience Top 10: 

 #5 "RJ"CH Zuludawn Lionridge Rj Of Nomads Rest CDX RE OA AXJ CGC (My Remington is his daddy) (Co-Owner with Linda Clark)

 #6 "Yezi" Lionridge's Inkanyezi Of Nomads Rest CD BN RE CGC (Charlie and Lexi's daughter) (Breeder and Co-Owner with Linda Clark)

 #10 "Spring"  Lionridge's Gemini Spring Of Nomad's Rest CD BN RE CGC  (Axl's daughter) (Breeder and Co-Owner with Linda Clark) 

VC:  "RJ"CH Zuludawn Lionridge Rj Of Nomads Rest CDX RE OA AXJ CGC (My Remington is his daddy)

VCX:  "RJ"CH Zuludawn Lionridge Rj Of Nomads Rest CDX RE OA AXJ CGC (My Remington is his daddy)

1st Rhodesian Ridgeback with a Barn Hunt Title:  "RJ"CH Zuludawn Lionridge Rj Of Nomads Rest CDX RE OA AXJ CGC (My Remington is his daddy) 

We even finished a few to their Championships in coursing and/or conformation: "Tizzy"  Ch LionRidge's Black Forest Tizzy, CGC; "Riggs" CH LionRidge's Dangerous Crosswinds, FCH, CGC, "Hellza" Ch Krystalridges's Hellza A Comin', Sheba and Sojie. 

Thank you Linda Clark for the great job in the obedience ring, barn hunt and RJ's VC and VCX.  Thank you Vilma and Dan O'Neil and Billy and JoAnn Berghold for our coursing stars.  Kathleen Russell, couldn't have finished the kids without you.  Clint Livingston and crew again a great job with my boy Axl. 

I will have some great ribbons to place in my new home this year!

Very exciting news.  Axl was number 8 in Rhodesian Ridgeback Breed Standings for 2013 and number 9 in All Breed Group Standings. Considering we missed several shows, we are very very very happy.  We also are waiting to see if RJ, Yezi and Spring made the Top 10 in Obedience.  RJ garnered his Versatility Certificate and his Versatility Excellent titles in 2013.  Quite an accomplishment for the "kids." 

Nice Wins for LionRidge in CO and NM
Two new  LionRidge champions!!!  Ch LionRidge's Hellza  Comin' to Krystalridge aka "Hellza" and Ch LionRidge's Black Forest Tizzy Rockz, CGC aka "Tizzy" finished their championships yesterday.  Tizzy also went Best of Opposite Sex over a few specials which was a real surprise and nice way to finish.  The girls are from GCH Ch LionRidge's Alexa by Spurridge, LCM, FCH, HIC, CGC and Glenaholm's Sucha Bold Move.  Hellza's puppy LionRidge's Raisin' Caine at Krystalridge aka  "Bob" took Best of Winners over his mom at the NM shows.  My Boy Axl tookBest of  Breed.  Pretty good Saturday. It was a happy day especially, because I personally got all of Tizzy's points and finished her myself in Bred-By.

Our Home and Land Was Destroyed by the Black Forest Fires in Colorado
June 11th we lost our home and everything in the Black Forest Fires in Colorado.  I was able to get my dogs and what I was wearing and that was it.  We quickly evacuated and within a few days was notified that the fire had taken our house and most of our trees.  While evacuated Lexi delivered her puppies - 8 healthy babies that are growing quickly.  We are in a temporary residence in town until we can find a more permanent setting until we can build a home back on our land.  We will keep everyone posted.  Eventhough we lost everything, the most important we have - our dogs.  I am sorry for the delay in answering emails as we lost access to the internet for a period of time. 

Back to Back Group 1's for Axl
We have had some really great shows lately.  At the WY shows Axl won Best of Breed 3 of 4 days, a Group 3 and two Group 1's.  Jaz shown by Linda Cannon took a major for Best Female!  At the Longmont shows Axl won Best of Breed both days with a huge entry of specials AND Tizzy took a major as Best of Winners.  This gives Tizzy her two majors towards her championship.

Axl Wins Supported Entry in New Mexico - Tizzy Group 1 Best Bred-by Hound
The New Mexico shows were great for Lionridge.  Saturday, Axl won Best of Breed and Brodie (grandson of Lexi) won a 3 point major.  Sunday, Monster Bob (Lexi Grandson) took a 4 point major as Winners Dog and Axl was Select Dog.  Monday, Hellza won the 4 point major as Best of Winners and Axl was Select Dog. Tizzy won Best Bred By in Rhodesians and went on to win Best Bred-By Hound.  It was pretty exciting to compete for Best In Show for the best Bred-By dog.  Tuesday, Axl won Best of Breed and Tizzy won the Winners Bitch. 

Terry All Dog Shows a Great Success
Axl's son Sampson at 13 months finished his championship in grand style.  Saturday, he not only won Winners Dog and Best of Winners, but BEST OF BREED.  He beat his own DAD!!!  Sunday, Sampson repeated winning Winners Dog and Best of Winners, but Dad prevailed for the Best of Breed.  Noah, son of Lexi, finished two legs of his Rally title.  Huge congrats to Carol and Nova.

Two in the Top 10 for 2012
"RJ" CH Zuludawn Lionridge RJ of Nomad's Rest CD, RN, RA, ATTS, CGC, HIC will be awarded in the Top 10 for Obedience  in all Ridgebacks competing in 2012 and Axl will be awarded in the Top 10 for Conformation at the Rhodesian Ridgeback National Specialty in October.  RJ is from my old boy Remington, so this is really a special treat.  Remington is now 12 1/2 years old and doing great.

Wichita Shows Gives Axl A Big Win and Tizzy a 5 Point Major
Axl took Best of Breed over a huge entry with the top dogs in the country at the Wichita, Kansas Shows.  It was awesome. The #1 and #3 dogs as well as other top 10 dogs were there.  Very competitive.  Tizzy got her first major and a big one even with mom showing her.  She was a good girl and now has 7 points towards her championship.  Dezi an Axl daughter got Reserve to Tizzy, so it was a great day for us.  Other Axl puppies did awesome on the coursing field and in the ring.  It was a great time!

Ch. LionRidge's Dangerous Crosswinds aka "Riggs" is now a champion!  Riggs is the son of Axl. He finished his championship in fine style with a 3 point major and the next day went Select Dog.  Riggs finished with one 5 point major; two  4 point majors, one 3 point major and a single point.  

2013 Off To A Great Start!
The show season began with the big Denver show in February.  Axl took off like a pro.  He won 3 of the 4 days Best of Breed in the Ridgeback Ring.  What a boy!  The next shows were in Garden City, KS in March.  His son Riggs won Winners Dog making him one point from having his championship.  Tizzy won the Best Bred-By Ridgeback and then went on to win a Group 2 in the Best Bred-By Hound.  Jazymn won her class each day, but oh, my are we not ring savvy yet and wild for mom to handle.  Axl won Best of Bred two of the 3 days and a Group 2 and Group 4 in the hound group.  What a great start for the LionRidge puppies!!!  I was not going to campaign Axl this year, but now I may have to reconsider.  Just wish I had a sponsor.

#1 ALEXA   #2 RIGGS  #3 KYA (Remington daughter)  #4 ZIVA 

Axl made it!!!  Axl was #8 in both Ranking systems for "Top Dogs."  The "BREED" rankings are based on the number of Rhodesian Ridgebacks you defeat in one year.  You must win Best of Breed to acquire those points.  Axl earned 40 Best of Breeds.  "ALL BREED" ranking  is based on the number of HOUNDS (all hounds - whippets, beagles, etc.) you defeat in the Group Ring.  This is very tough for ridgebacks.  You first have to win Best of Breed and then place in the Group to get the points for the number of defeated dogs.  Some dogs can be in the "BREED" rankings, but not in the "ALL BREED" rankings.  There was only one Ridgeback who had more Group 2's than Axl and that was the number 1 ridgeback Ida Belle.  Axl this year defeated 2,207 HOUNDS.  Axl earned his Silver Grand Championship and was #1 in Grand Champion points in Colorado.  He was #6 in all Ridgebacks.  Axl ended the year with 65 Major wins in Grand Champion points.  Axl did GREAT!!!  Thanks to everyone who handled Axl this year and especially to those who cheered us on and supported us the whole way.  Axl will be showing some this year, but not as intense as before.  We hope to have a good crowd for the Rhodesian Ridgeback Specialty in Topeka this fall and hope you all vote for Axl in the "Peoples Choice" award at the Top 20 event. 

2012 Top 10 Rhodesian Ridgeback
GCH CH Spurridge's Axl of LionRidge, CGC
40 Best of Breeds; 23 Group Placements (including 2 group 1's and 11 group 2's); 659 defeated Ridgebacks; 2,207 defeated hounds; several thousand miles; several thousands of dollars; several thousands of hours; several missed hours at work; several missed sleeping hours - hmmmm.........let me think that over...........many hours of special time with my boy, lots of cuddles in bed, gambling (how did that get in there), lots of well wishes from friends........okay........okay.........Priceless......... GCH CH Spurridge's Axl of LionRidge, CGC. Thanks Axl for the good times! Will we do it again...............hmmmm.......................

Goodbye 2012 and Here We Come 2013
2013 comes with challenges. Ziva has cancer. We are working with miracle man Doc Gurney. Remy is now 12+ doing great & Maddie holds down the bed really good - a pro! 2013, I plan to breed Lexi, show dogs, & maybe have some fun. Axl, Axl/Maddie, Yezi, & Lexi puppies will all hitting the show ring while Linda will be keeping our guys in performance. . 

2012 Was A Very Good Year
2012 was crazy. Axl made the TOP 10 for ridgebacks in Breed & All Breed.  Sister Alexa continues modeling & now with grandson Brodie for K&H. Lexi earned her LCM & is #1 RR in CO coursing. Ziva is a Field Champion & #4  RR in CO coursing. Axl's son, Riggs, is a Field Championship, #2 RR in CO coursing & is 2 points away from his conformation Championship with 3 majors under his belt. Axl's daughter, Annie, finished her Conformation Championship. Tizzy and Jazz started their show career each earning 2 points & now 5 of the Lexi/Charlie puppies now have points. Axl puppies are kicking booty at 6 and 9 months earning MAJORS!!! ALL of LionRidge hounds with me are now Canine Good Citizens. Yep even Gator Bait! My puppies co-owned by Linda Clark did most awesome earning numerous titles in performance & their CGC's. How sweet!!! Titles at both ends!!!! AND with more to come. We did some interesting things this year, the most being the new event - Barn Hunt (Ratcatcher Trial). I can hardly wait to get the AKC RATI & RAT1 titles.

2012 Brought Some Saddness
Saddness came in 2012 as we lost some good friends - Porter & Sterling owned by Paul & Susan Quatrocelli; Remington's sister Nikki; Kathleen & Mark Russell's Anna; Finley owned by Melanie Jones and Katana owned by Peggy Winston. It is horribly sad to lose our puppies. Godspeed to these wonderful dogs and hearts healed to their owners. 

Alexa back to modeling - Her favorite career other than the bed!
Alexa had another modeling assignment with great success.  Her grandson, Brodie and Alexa are on the packaging for K&H manufacturing dog waters.  You can see her and Brodie at pet stores, Amazon and other places that sell Clean Flow dog watering stations.  Alexa also modeled recently for more dog beds, and couch covers for K&H for their 2013 Catalogue.  Alexa was featured in their 2012 catalogue and named their favorite model!

Axl's Daughter wins in Ohio
Axl's 6 month old Sojie owned by Vilma and Dan O'Neil won Winners Bitch for a 3 point major in Ohio, her very first  show.
Needless to say we are thrilled!  2 more puppies from this litter will be shown in 2013.

New Titles in 2012 so far..........
"Annie" Ch LionRidge's Annie's Legacy, CGC, HIC
" Riggs" LionRidge's Dangerous Crosswinds, FCH, CGC, HIC, #2 Colorado Lure Coursing
"Alexa" GCH CH LionRidge's Alexa, FCH, LCM, CGC, HIC, #1 Colorado Lure Coursing
"Axl" GCH CH Spurridge's Axl of LionRidge, CGC  (Silver Grand Champion), Top 10 Rhodesian Ridgeback in both polls.
"Ziva" Koda's Gypsy Queen of LionRidge, FCH, CGC, HIC, (I think) #3 Colorado Lure Coursing

LionRidge the Home of Canine Good Citizens
All of the  4 legged residents at LionRidge now all have the titles of Canine Good Citizen (CGC)
Even the infamous LionRidge's Gator Bait at approximately 12 or 13 years old.

New Titles earned in 2012 of Co-owned puppy dogs of LionRidge 
"RJ" CH Zuludawn Lionridge RJ of Nomad's Rest CD, RN, RA, ATTS, CGC, HIC;
"Spring" Lionridge's Gemini Spring of Nomad's Rest RN, RA, CGC, HIC;
"Yezi" Lionridge's Inkanyezi of Nomad's Rest, RN, CGC 
Thanks to Linda Clark and her great performance skills.