A Herding Instinct test will test the dog's natural ability or instinct to herd, round up or drive livestock. Herding is a modified predatory behavior and since our Ridgebacks have a strong prey drive, most are very good at herding. Our tester, Rick Hardin, is an AKC and ASCA herding judge and has been a herding dog trainer and competitor for over 22 years. He has instinct tested over 20 Ridgebacks and currently has 3 RRs in training.

Rick will first gives a brief presentation on the background of herding and the way different breeds move livestock. He will also do a short demonstration with his dogs. Rick will then explain what he will do with your dogs and the various tools he will use. Each dog will have 2 chances to work with 3 sheep. Rick believes it takes at least 2 times with the sheep to determine if the dog has an instinct to herd versus just chasing the livestock.

All Ridgebacks that show to have herding instinct, as determined by Rick Hardin, will be awarded a Herding Instinct Certificate which will be presented at theTests. 

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