GCH LionRidge's Jammin' Jazmyn, CGC

LionRidge's Jammin' Jazmyn aka "Jazmyn" is the daughter of Lexi and Glenaholm's Sucha Bold Move, HIC aka "Charlie."  She was born 2/2/11 at 27 degrees below zero (no more winter litters).  Very high energy, dark dark red, and a good sized girl, Jazmyn is a sweetheart.  Can't sit for one minute, but does the drive-by kisses.  Jazmyn's attention span is pretty short, but hopefully she will see some shows this coming year and definitely will try her at lure coursing.  Jaz at almost 3  years old, still has no attention span, but still does the drive by kisses!  We tried our hand at straight racing and that was fun and coursing may be in her future.  We like the running, just not sure yet for the bag.  Live things are much more exciting!