The LionRidge Gang

Here at we have a gang of Ridgebacks and 2 Honorary Ridgebacks, Gator Bait and Gus.  Thank goodness for my work schedule and twenty fenced acres!!  Our ages range from 19 years to 1 year..  Axl  will be 12  years in April .   Riggs 9 years in June.  Kynzie and Deeks were 3 years Christmas;  Lainey  2 1/2 years old; Ella is 2 years.; Tizzy and Jazmyn are 8 years. Gus is 14 years  and Gator Bait is about 19+ we guess.  He was a rescue from Katrina who came to rehabilitation with me and never left.  He rules the house and is #1 doggie sitter for puppies!  Our Four newest additions are    Kynzie, Deeks, Lainey, and Ella.    Whew!  They are a busy group, but very loving and each are involved in many activities.  Check out each of the gang on their own pages.  They love visitors!

Meet the loves of my life .....the pampered house dogs of LionRidge.